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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017


« BEATS is about the heart, BPM, life, from dance floor to streets, unisex, with no age or race boundaries. How alive do you feel? What drives you? Elternhaus knows about power messages... I am proudly wearing them since 2003, immortalized at Sonar Festival on a recorded performance. A decade later, they had the vision to turn my drawings into super power tracksuits and jackets. It's not just a collaboration, but a long lasting distance relationship sharing the same will to improve, transmit and shake the world with positive energy, in a humble and incorruptible creative family way. Find your own beat, your own tune, sync with your soulmates, keep your focus and you’ll be safe. BEATS for all! »  

-Miss Kittin-

Ab dem 04.03.2017 gibt es unsere Kollaboration "BEATS" mit Zeichnungen von Miss Kittin in unserem Laden in der Marktstrasse 29, Hamburg - ST.Pauli.
In limitierter Auflage gibt es Sweater, Jacken, Jogger, T-Shirts, etc.

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